Theme: Rustic

Venue: Capella Hotel Singapore

Photographer: Mindy Tan Photography

Bride & Bridesmaids Bouquet/Boutonnieres/Car Decor: @inashea


Blush pink and dusty lavender roses is fit for a romance filled day, but Pris’s elegant evening gowns by Galia Lahav were best paired with dark reds and dark burgundy.


A good pair of eyes and taste is important to building up an interesting bouquet. What matches and what doesn't depends heavily on the florist intuition. Hence, understanding or in fact taking the time to study or work with them — the structure and background of each individual flower — is extremely important. Each flower behaves and complements others differently. One wrong choice has the potential to throw off the entire aesthetics of a bouquet.


To us, flowers can be categorised under various categories. One of which would be seasonal and non-seasonal flowers.

  • Seasonal flowers — exotic, rustic, very delicate, and usually expensive. These flowers are hardly seen in the market unless you are lucky they are in season. These include peonies, ranunculus, cosmos, dahlias, artichokes, garden roses, to name a few.

  • Non-seasonal flowers — typically the basic and core flowers in a bouquet. Some examples would be roses, eustomas, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and gerberas.


After speaking with the couple, it was clear to us that Pris and Collins were very much looking for seasonal flowers from the start. They wanted something more reflective of their tastes for a an elegance incorporated with a rustic feel.


Pris shared with us about how she wanted a more rustic feel for her night bouquet, and this sent us thinking in the direction of using King Proteas, Dark Burgundy Ranunculus, Dark Burgundy Peonies as the main blooms and the assorted hues of burgundy, dark red, brown and blush filler flowers and foliage. This selection of flowers for a wedding bouquet might seem a tad bit exotic and unusual. However, it worked beautifully in adding a touch of exquisiteness. 


Congratulations to Pris and Collins for their unforgettable wedding day!

Ina Shea