A close knit collaboration between botanical styling and interior design for a beautiful and inspiring creative space.

Airplant Room

The choice of placing airplants in the room help cleans the air, boost the oxygen level and enhance any room they are in.

Cotton Flower

As client prefers flowers that can last and easy to care for, the cotton flowers are no doubt our first choice. 

Cotton flowers are dried flowers that can be preserve for as long. They contrasted well with the wooden table console, giving out a quiet vibe to the whole setting, simple and uncluttered.

Outdoor Plants

Fiddle Fig Plant and Monstera are the season trendiest planters. Both survive well as an indoor/outdoor plants, just be sure that they are away from direct sunlight. These tropical planters, known for its gestural leafs, lush and sculptural quality gives out a grand presence. We love to work with them as they have scale and could fit into range of style in modern homes.