Hand-tied Bouquet and Centerpiece


S$300 // 4 hours

Learn two of the most important techniques in floristry – arranging flowers in a vase and a hand-tied bouquet.  The class is divided into two sections: Hand-tied Bouquet (2 hours) and Square Vase Centerpiece (2 hours). 

Free Hand Vase Arrangement


S$200 // 2.5 hour

Learn how to make a table arrangement without using floral foam or pins. 

Botanical Arrangement


S$200 // 2.5 hours

Learn how to incorporate plant and flowers in a single arrangement. This contemporary design infuses freshness to create a more natural form and texture. 

Parallel Arrangement 


S$200 // 2.5 hours

Learn how to make a parallel arrangement without using vase/container. This is a more architectural form of arrangement that creates a contemporary and artistic look. 

Classic Hand-Tied Bouquet


S$200 // 2.5 hours

Learn how to create a compact short very domed hand tied bouquet. This practical class will teach you the essential skills and techniques to achieve the perfect dome-shaped bouquet. Working with colour, structure and texture, students will be making an arrangement bursting with flowers and exuberances.

Flower Wreath


S$200 // 2.5 hours

Learn how to work with colours and texture to create a beautiful centerpiece suitable for home decors. It is a great opportunity to understand and recognize the different types of flowers and foliage on their practicality usage.

Topiary Tree


S$200 // 2.5 hours

 Learn how to make your very own topiary tree from scratch. A practical design that is suitable for home decors and occasions.