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our brand

INA.SHEA is a creative floral studio that seeks to utilise floral and botanical elements as creative anchors to bring a natural, complementary and cohesive ambience to our everyday life and occasions. We are continuously experimenting and re-evaluating floral and botanical concepts with lifestyle, art and visual design.

Besides aiming to bring out the philosophy of beauty in its most natural way, this pair explores the current possibilities inherent in new technologies, new material and new ways of living with urban organics.

Ina and Shea, having display their artistic practice in Catherine Muller, Jamie Aston and McQueen’s flower school in London, epically plays with distinctive aesthetics including, but not limited to, bespoke gift bouquets, botanical styling for home and workspace, weddings and events, large-scale installation and collaboration with brands.


our story

We first met in 2009 and become friends since then. We were doing very different things back then but we always know that we want to create something together. One fine day, Ina asked Shea to join her for the very first floral class together and the rest is history.